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We are accepting new clients. If you need help filing your return, please contact our office.



Lottsa is pleased to offer tax preparation services for individuals and businesses. This includes support with accounting and business planning. We endeavor to meet our clients’ needs in the tax and financial planning domains while educating and empowering decision-making in pursuit of their goals.


2020 Rates

We bill by the hour since we think it is the fairest way to set fees. The well-organized client requires less of our time and pays a lower fee than does the similarly situated client who does not put in as much up-front effort to prepare their materials. More complex work takes more time, so it costs more than does a simpler fact pattern which we work through more quickly.

2020 Hourly Rates

Tax ServicesBudgeting & Business PlanningBookkeeping, Accounting, & QB Support & CoachingPayroll
Tax Accountant, Level 1195195145145
Tax Accountant, Level 2175175145145
Tax Accountant, Level 3175175100100
Tax Associate, Level 11451458080
Tax Associate, Level 21001008080
Client Services Staff80808080

2020 Fixed Costs

Our tax compliance work requires substantial expenditures that are not time-based (software, continuing education, tax organizers, etc.). For transparency, we separately state this charge on our invoices using the following schedule —

Individual Tax Returns$100
Business Entity Tax Returns$200
1099 and W-2 Reporting$40

The total charge to the client will be the sum of the applicable fixed fee plus that which is calculated for hourly rates. If our fees present a genuine barrier to you obtaining the services that you need, please communicate with us about it. In most cases the charges can be modified in a mutually satisfactory way.