Chrycinda Bourdon

Chrycinda Bourdon

Seasonal Office Support

Many years a Lottsa client, Chrycinda joined the team in January 2018 as a Busy Season helper.

She is a New England native who migrated to Minneapolis in 1978 with her B.A. in Language & Literature, and a growing fascination for natural foods cookery and co-ops. Her academic focus led her to teach ESL for a while, also to do some translation and tutoring; however, cooking and the West Bank cultural scene proved far more exciting for several years. Chrycinda was a member of the New Riverside Café Collective 1979-84 and 1987-90.

A 25-year trajectory through the world of corporate Organizational Change began in 1992, with Chrycinda providing admin and project support for a small, MN-based HR consulting firm. Until Chrycinda retired in the summer of 2017, her work included almost every imaginable kind of document production, handling, and delivery. She also assisted staff accountants in their record-keeping. Within the Corporate Services and Communications Team, she came to exercise more refined skills in roles such as proofreader, editor, and archivist.

At Lottsa, Chrycinda puts both old and new skills to work while learning a great deal about tax return preparation and its processes: handling, status tracking, and communicating with clients at various points along the way. On the job, she is an instinctive problem-solver and a bit of a sleuth.

At home, she’s a grandmother who believes Nature is the best teacher, and who consequently spends a lot of time in her yard, out by the river, or in her kitchen handling whole foods and even wilder stuff like sourdough. She also loves to read novels, to knit, and to watch eclectic film/video works — not all at once, of course, nor necessarily in that order.